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Guidance Counselling
Attrition rates are extremely high in university courses and this is the result of poor choices, poor planning, and patchy service provided by schools due to various constraints. Only 5% of students receive any career guidance in the Junior Cycle, perhaps under the misguided belief that it is too early to talk about career orientation, but mainly because of the insufficient numbers of guidance personnel and hours available in the schools. It is important to provide not only the standard service, but also longer one to one sessions in order to tease out the compatibility of individual situations with courses and importantly, with specific universities and institutes of technology.
Literacy and Language Counselling
For those whose confidence has been impacted as a result of difficulties with reading writing and numeracy, or the English language in the case of immigrants. 
General Counselling
For adolescents who have issues with confidence and integrating into society, or adolescents who have fallen victim to bullying in school.
Standard Counselling/'Horticultural’ Group Therapy

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