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The Role of Corpus Linguistics in the Ethnography of a Closed Community: Survival Communication.
Adult Learner: From Tablet to Tablet, from Mesopotamia to Galway
Fifty Pages: Basic English Grammar
Articles (sample)
‘Corpus Analysis: Pragmatic Solutions’ (forthcoming 2017 ) in Corpus Pragmatics, 2017
Transforming literacies. RaPal, 2007. Vol. 61
The Impact of Nigerian Speakers of English on ESOL Classes. RaPal. 2007. Vol 63.
The Joys of Adult Education. Galway Independent. April 2010.
A time for reflection on adult literacy, Irish independent. May 2007.
Training to be an English language teacher. 2010
Conference Papers (sample)
‘Valuing Learners’ Language and Understanding Different Literacies’ All Hallows 2012
A ménage a trois of Uncommon bedfellows: corpus linguistics, ethnography and conversation analysis, Applied Linguistics Conference, Trinity College Dublin, November 2016.
The Lingua Franca English of a Community of Speakers of Other Languages: Corpus Conclusion, Barcelona, 2016.
First Language Interference in English Phonology, Dublin, 2013
Second Language Acquisition for Adults in Ireland, Turin, Italy. October, 2007.
Interlanguage interference in English Grammar, Dublin, November, 2012. NALA.
Workshops (sample)
Basic phonology as an introduction to the study of dyslexia
Spelling: a workshop for tutors
Dyslexia: a specific reading and writing difficulty














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